The Japanese American Digitization Project

A National Historical Publications and Records Commission grant to California State University, Dominguez Hills is supporting a project to digitize and make accessible 10,400 archival records relating to 20th century Japanese-American history from 19 collections, including photographs, organization and family manuscript collections, and oral histories held at eight institutions throughout California. While spanning the 1920s … Continue reading The Japanese American Digitization Project

They Also Served

From 1914 to 1919, women all over America rallied to the aid of their country and volunteered for overseas service with the U.S. Army Expeditionary Forces of World War I. Over 11,000 Red Cross nurses served with the Army and Navy Nurse Corps. Others were assigned duties in the Ordnance, Quartermaster and Signal Corps, and … Continue reading They Also Served

The Bull Moose Librarian

Wisconsin was a hotbed for many of the reform ideas that marked the Progressive Era in the United States. Under the leadership of Charles Van Hise from 1903-1918, the University of Wisconsin forged close ties with the state government and Governor Robert La Follette. Faculty members often consulted with legislators to draft new laws on … Continue reading The Bull Moose Librarian

Last Seen The language is often strikingly direct. In the years after the Civil War, family members and friends often placed advertisements in black newspapers looking for information about missing family members, separated by the cruelty of the slave trade and the exigencies of the war. They are "Information Wanted" ads that often noted when and … Continue reading Last Seen

The Candidates (Part One)

Every four years a presidential election rolls around, and we are reminded of the history of those exciting weeks in autumn. The National Historical Publications and Records Commission has played a key role in documenting those elections through preserving and publishing the papers of the winners and the also-rans. This week let’s look at who … Continue reading The Candidates (Part One)

Penman of the Revolution

1903 edition of Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania. Between December 2, 1767 through the following April, a series of protest letters appeared in 19 English-language newspapers in the 13 American colonies from a “A Farmer in Pennsylvania.” Eventually the twelve letters were collected and reprinted and reached an even wider audience, helping to unite … Continue reading Penman of the Revolution