Age of Jefferson

The Age of Jefferson, a free online course by Peter S. Onuf at the University of Virginia, begins soon. The course will include a total of six lectures. One lecture will be released each week, beginning on Monday, February 17, 2014. Once a given week’s lecture is posted, you will be able to view it at your convenience. Here are the topics the lectures will cover:

1. Thomas Jefferson, American Icon
2. Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence
3. Jefferson and Slavery
4. Jefferson and Religion
5. Jefferson and Education
6. “The earth belongs to the living”

For each lecture, there will be a list of short readings that relate to that week’s topic. We will provide links to these Jefferson letters and documents, which you will be able to access freely via a wonderful resource called “Founders Online” (, supported by the NHPRC and the University of Virginia.

If you have a particular interest in a topic and would like to learn more, we’ll also provide a list of suggested readings so you can continue learning about Jefferson and his world. We also encourage you to explore the great resources available from Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello (

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