Recording and Slides from Literacy and Engagement with Historical Records Webinar

The July 10 webinar on the Literacy and Engagement with Historical Records Grant Program was recorded. Watch and listen here:

If you just want the slides, here they are as a PDF: WebinarsL&E2015

But there is still another live webinar on the grant program on

Thursday, July 16, 4 pm-5 pm Eastern

Connect to the webinar:

Enter the Meeting Number: 888-331-6674

Enter the Access Code: 6503625

Enter your Email Address

Enter your Name:

You will have the option for the Connect Meeting App to call you to connect you to the webinar. You have to enter your phone number. This is the best choice!

If that does not work, you will call 888-331-6674 and enter 6503625 to listen on your phone.

You can also listen on your speaker and type questions.

If you can’t make this webinar or just have more questions, please contact the program officer: Lucy Barber,, 202-357-5306 for more information.