New NHPRC Grant Program Provides Up To $350,000

We have a new grant program that may interest you. The program offers up to $350,000 for major archives initiatives with an emphasis on innovation and collaboration. The new Access to Historical Records – Major Initiatives program is designed to broaden public access to historical and cultural records. There’s a five-page preliminary proposal due by 19 January 2017. The Commission will then invite a select number of applicants to submit a full proposal.

Does your institution need to conjoin the records of a major historical subject held by several repositories and make them freely available online? Does research demand for a high-value audio or moving image recordings collection necessitate digitally converting and posting them online? Are there new tools and methods that would greatly enhance the public’s ability to access and use records? Have you begun developing a method to make work with born digital records more efficient and want to prove that it’s replicable?

These are just a few suggestions. We want to hear all your creative ideas and discuss how they might fit with this program. If you would like to schedule a time to talk about a proposal idea, please email or call the Director for Access, Alex Lorch (; 202-357-5101) or the Director for Technology Initiatives, Nancy Melley (; 202-357-5101).